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Snappykit is a toolkit for mobile developers that makes their life easier. We have already launched a website builder for mobile apps. But we are not going to stop there and want to launch several more services that will help any mobile apps to succeed. And thanks to our pricing, mobile developers with any level of earnings can take advantage of our products.

Our Products

Everything you need to make your mobile app better. Explore our tools. We promise you will not regret.

Website Kit

This is a new way of creating website for mobile apps

Start Now

Coming Soon …

We have developed a search function that allows you to find any app.

Coming Soon …

We have developed a search function that allows you to find any app.

Q & A

Do you have questions? We are happy to answer them =)

When is Snappykit launched?

We launched MVP in August 2017, opened beta in November 2017 and in January we won the first place on ProductHunt. After that, we studied the needs of the market, reworked our product and launched the release version.

Why did we decide to create this startup?

Every year, the mobile app market is growing at a tremendous pace. Constantly there are new mobile developers, the number of apps in the stores increases. But there is no product on the market that can solve 99% of the problems of mobile devs, do it at the highest level and at a reasonable price. Therefore, we decided to launch Snappykit. We plan to create a set of tools that will help mobile devs in the development of their apps. Our goal is not only to create the best solutions in this market, but also to make our product accessible to everyone.

How many people are there on a Snappykit?

At the moment, there are five team members: Denis Vyazovoy (Founder), Artur Teslar (Designer), Ivan Vyatkin (front-end developer), Nata Atoshvili (front-end developer) and Vadim Chinyaev (back-end developer).


Why are we different from the rest? We are not trying to create the same things as others, we are trying to find our own way and make the life of mobile developers easier.

Denis VyazovoyFounder at Snappykit