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Unique Editor

A unique editor that makes it easy for you to change and customize every single element of the template and launch it as a stunning app website.

Variety of Templates

Choose one of our world-class, beautifully designed templates that look good on every device. Life is too short to have a boring and plain website.

app landing page template
app website statistics

Own Statistics

Coming Soon…

We decided to create our own statistics so you can track the number of visitors and devices they use more easily.

Beautiful Devices

Snappykit has a huge choice of devices and each model has different styles. You can choose between flat, real, concept or create your own style.

beautiful devices
app website builder

Search From

App Store and Google Play

A time-saving option that can automatically find your app in the store and transfer all elements to our stunning templates.

Adaptive Layouts

Websites that are created on Snappikit look great on all devices. You no longer need to think about this problem, we solved it for you. Just enjoy the result.

adaptive app website
seo for app landing page

SEO Settings

Google, Yahoo, Bing

12% of users are looking for mobile apps via web search. Create a website, adjust the settings and increase the number of downloads. Stop losing users.

Other Cool Features

That can make your app website a success


We integrated Unsplash so that you can access millions of free pictures directly on our website.

Coming Soon

Google Analytics

Gain valuable customer insights by adding Google Analytics counter to your website.

Custom Domain

Any domain can be added to the website created on our platform, fast and easy.


We automatically install SSL on your site to make it more accessible to users and search engines.

Social Network

Leverage the power of social media and add your app’s accounts to maximise the online exposure.

Coming Soon

Privacy & Terms

In case your app has Privacy & Terms, this section can easily be added to the selected template.